The Eye of Horus or Udjat "which is complete":

The Udyat is a symbol of cosmic-state stability.

In Ancient Egypt was a symbol of magical properties, protective, purifying, healing, solar symbol embodying the order, undisturbed, the perfect state and was considered a more powerful amulet: enhanced the view, protected and remedied eye diseases , counteracted the effects of the "evil eye" and also protected the dead.

Horus was the son of Osiris, the Egyptian god who was killed by his own brother, Seth.

Horus lost his left eye battling Seth, to avenge his father. But thanks to the intervention of Thoth, the god of science, the eye of Horus was replaced by Udyat, for God could restore sight.

This eye was special and was endowed with magical qualities.

The Udjat, was used for the first time when Horus magic amulet used it to bring life back to Osiris.

As a talisman symbolizing health, prosperity, the indestructibility of the body and the ability to be reborn.

Protects against bad energy and evil eye.

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